24 Mantra Organic Sona Masuri Rice - Brown 5 kg

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  • Whole Grains
  • High Fibre
  • Naturally Balanced
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
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Product Description

24 Mantra Organic brings you Brown Rice - Nutrient rich rice for better health.
A wholesome meal comes with wholesome ingredients. Your family needs the advantage of wholesome foods like Brown Rice for a happier and healthier life.
span>10 Reasons to go Organic.
  1. Protect Children from Cancer Causing Pesticides 
  2. Say Goodbye to Chemicals in your Diet 
  3. Get the Taste of Health and Nutrition 
  4. Reduce health risks with Organic Purity 
  5. Eat Foods adhering to International Standards 
  6. Protect the earth as Organic farming is planet-friendly 
  7. Prevent water Contamination as there are no Chemicals, Pollutants in Organic farming 
  8. Gain From the diversity of crops which is becoming a thing of the past 
  9. Help small farmers and eliminate middlemen to create sustainable livelihoods
  10. Stay in harmony with nature (www.freedomfrompesticide.org).