24 Mantra Organic Cumin (Jeera) 100 gm


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  • No Pesticides
  • Direct From Farm to Kitchen
  • Certified for US, European & Indian, Organic Standards.
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Product Description

24 Mantra Cumin Cumin Powder - Organic Cumin whole 100 gm: Cumin is one the main ingredients in Tadka or Seasoning in almost all Indian dishes. It crackles gently and releases nice aroma when roasted. It's also a key ingredient in all ayurvedic home remedies.
10 Reasons to go Organic:
  • Protect Children from Cancer Causing Pesticides 
  • Say Goodbye to Chemicals in your Diet 
  • Get the Taste of Health and Nutrition 
  • Reduce health risks with Organic Purity 
  • Eat Foods adhering to International Standards 
  • Protect the earth as Organic farming is planet-friendly 
  • Prevent water Contamination as there are no Chemicals, Pollutants in Organic farming 
  • Gain From the diversity of crops which is becoming a thing of the past 
  • Help small farmers and eliminate middlemen to create sustainable livelihoods
  • Stay in harmony with nature (www.freedomfrompesticide.org).