Bagrrys Muesli Honey Dipped Oats Clusters Swiss Style 400 gm


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    Honey dipped Oat clusters with Almonds, Raisins & Dates.
  • Zero Cholestrol, Zero Trans Fatty Acids.
  • High in Dietary Fibre, Source of Protein, Source of Iron.
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Product Description

Rolled oats(40.2%), whole wheat flakes 31.9%(wheat, sugar, iodized salt, malt extract and antioxidants-Ins 322 & INS 306),
Invert Syrup, broken rolled wheat, raisins(3%), almonds(2.1%), dates(1.5%) wheat bran, oat bran, honey(1%)& antioxidant(INS 306)
What is Muesli? The term Muesli, derives fronm the Swiss German word mus, which means 'mixture'.
The secret behind the exceptional longevity and fitness of people inhabiting certain county areas of Switzerland is Meusli, a staple part of their diet. Muesli is made from various combinations of whole grains, nuts, fruits, berries, honey etc.
Now Bagrry's Swiss Style Muesli brings you all the benefits of this age-old recipe. A bowl of Bagrry's Swiss Style Muesli in breakfast gives a healthy start to your day.
Bagrry's Swiss Style Muesli is high in dietary fibre. Bagrry's Swiss Style Muesli is healthy, having delicious taste with zero Cholestrol and Zero Trans Fatty Acids.
Serving Suggestions:
Make a delightful cereal with Bagrry's Swiss Style Muesli . Serve it with hot or cold milk, ygurt, ice crem, fresh fruits. It makes as excellent topping for your dessert. It is great as a snack too.