Bakers Pudding Mix With Topping - Caramel 65 gm


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  • Magic in Your Hands
  • 4 Simple Steps of Preparation
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Product Description

1. Use the Caramel Topping to coat the base of 1/2 litre mold or 4 small molds.
2. Empty the bakers Caramel Pudding Mix into a saucepan and blend with 1/2 litre milk, Bring to boiling point and cook for 1 minute, stirring continuously.
3. cool for 5 minutes and pour gently into the molds previously prepared.
4. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours, unmold and serve.
  • Sugar
  • Gelling Agent - INS 407
  • Seqestrant INS 450 i
  • Common Slat
  • Nature Identical and Artificial flavouring Substance - vanilla Flavour
    Contains Synthetic Food Colour(s) INS 102, INS 110 and Added Flavour
    Ingredients of Caramel Topping:
    Glucose Syrup & Caramel - INS 150D