Bakers Pudding Mix - Pista 80 gm


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  • Magic in Your Hands
  • China Grass Base
  • 4 Simple Steps of Preparation
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Product Description

1. Take 500ml of Milk and keep it for boiling.
2. Once the millk starts boiling empty the contents of this packet into it and stir well until completely dissolved.
3. Turn off the gas and allow the mixture to cool for 10 minutes and then transfer it into moulds.
4. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours until firm. Unmould and serve.
  • Sugar
  • Agar Agar
  • Edible Starch
  • Di-Sodium Di-Phosphate
  • Salt
  • Nature Identical and Artificial flavouring Substance - Pista Flavour
    Contains Synthetic Food Colour(s) INS 102, INS 132 and Added Flavour