Band-Aid Washproof Antiseptic Bandages 10 Strips


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  • Flexible Fabric
  • Antiseptic
  • Flexible and Durable protection.
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Product Description

Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages help cuts heal 50% faster as compared to uncovered cuts.
Ingredients:Each medicated pad contains Benzalkonium chloride solution I.P. Equivalent to Benzalkonium Cholride 0.5% W/W permitted colours Ponceau 4 R and Tartrazine.
Stretchable Protection:     New stretchable  material moves with you to stay with you.
Hypoallergic Adhesive:     Skin friendly adhesive helps leave no sticky residue.
Contoured Protection:       For hard to bandage areas like elbows, knees and fingers.
Direction: Skin should be clean and flexible before applying the bandage.