Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain Biscuits 200 gm

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  • Oats: Reduces Cholesterol.
  • Corn: Heart Health.
  • Ragi: High Calcium, Hi Fibre.
  • Rice: Low Fat.
  • Wheat:Source of Energy.

Product Description

Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain Biscuits 200 gm

Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain Biscuits 200g:
  • No Transfar: Trans-fats are responsible for several life threatening heart and lifestyle ailments. Britannia Nutrichoice Products Contain Zero Transfat.
  • No Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a lead culprit of cardiovascular diseases. Britannia NutriChoice Products contain 0% Cholesterol.
  • Oats: High in anti-oxidants and Fibres, which are clinically proven to help reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Corn: Contains vitamin B1, Poly unsaturated fatty acids, Potassium and magnesium...... all these are known to make heart healthier.
  • Ragi: Apart from being a good source of Fibre, it is also rich in Calcium & other minerals that help in strengthening of teeth and bones.
  • Rice: Low in fat. Contains complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates get digedsted & absorbed slower than refined sugars.
  • Wheat: Contains natural proteins and carbohydrates that provide energy.
  • Honey: Nature's sweet - health offering that contains glucose which is an ideal fuel for the brain, for keeping it alert and functional.
  • Ingredients: (Refined Wheat Flour & Wheat Bran) (49%), Sugar, Edible Vegetable oil, Cereal Products (14%) (Ragi, Corn, Oats, Rice), Milk Solids, Raising Agents [500(ii), 503(ii)], Salt, Honey (0.4%) and Emulsifiers [322, 472e, 471 & 481(i)].

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