Comfort Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh After Wash 200 ml


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  • Unbeatable shine* & Fragrance.
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Product Description

Comfort Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh 200ml:
Comfort is a special "conditioner" that cares for your clothes & gives them much more than a detergent alone.
  • Makes clothes soft, smooth & great to wear.
  • Adds a long-lasting freshness you can experience even 14 days after rinsing in comfort**.
  • *Maintains the new like shine of clothes, even after repeated washing.
  • Usage Instructions: Add just half a cap of Comfort fabric conditioner in the last rinse of washing, to give your clothes an amazing shine and fragrance.
  • After washing clothes with detergent, in the last rinse, pour half a cap of Comfort into the bucket of water.
  • Soak 10 washed clothes (coloured or white) in the bucket containing Comfort.
  • After 5 Minutes, remove the clothes and dry. Do Not Rinse clothes in water after using Comfort.