Dabur Erand Tail ( Castor Oil) 50 ml


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    Erand Tel or Castor Oil is a mild purgative for babies, children, healthy and weak adults and aged persons alike.
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Product Description

Composition: Each 5ml contains Erand Tail 5ml.
Indication: Constipation

Directions for Usage:

Dose : 4 to 16ml.

For Adult: 2 to 4 teaspoonful(8 to 16ml) should be given with 10 gm of warm milk followed by a cup of warm milk of water.

For children: One teaspoonful (4ml.) with warm milk.

For Younger children: Half teaspoonful (2ml) with warm milk.

For Infants below 1 year: 5 to 10 drops (0.25ml to 5ml) with honey.