Dabur Gulabari Face Freshener - Premium Rose Touch 100 ml


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  • Rose like Glow for your Skin.
  • Cleanses, Moisturises, Refreshes.
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Product Description

Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Touch Face Freshner derives its natural goodness from Dabur Gulabari rose water. It's unique blend of Roase extracts, cleansers and moisturises work in three ways.
Cleansing: It's natural ingredients gently cleanse the skin, ridding it off dirt and giving it a radiant glow.
Moisturising: Rose Touch Face Freshner helps hydrate your skin. Removes dullness and dryness giving it a soft and supple touch.
Refreshing: The cooling action of Rose Touch Face Freshner with rose extracts works gently to give your skin a fresh and glowing look.
Directions for use: 
Spray Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Touch Face Freshner directly on to your face and gently wipe your face with a cotton ball.
or Spray it onto a cotton ball and gently wipe your face with it.
Caution: Don't spray into your eye.