Dabur Pudin Hara Active 30 ml


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    Dabur Pudin Hara gives quick relief from stomach ache, gas and indigestion. It is a trusted, fast-action remedy for stomach disorders. Pudin Hara is completely natural and safe.
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Product Description

Pudin Hara has "Pudina Ka Satva" which has been sceintifically proven to have excellent pain and gas relieving and  digestive properties with a unique "cooling mechanism" that cools the stomach, resulting in a "Quick and natural Solution" to stomach problems.
Composition: Each 1ml contains:
  • Pudina Satva - 0.0337ml
  • Purified Water qs
  • Alcohol IP: 10% v/v
  • Colours: Tartrazine Yellow Supra CI No: 19140 : 0.0585mg, Alzerine Cyanini Green FCI No. 61570: 00553mg
  • Polysorbate 80 i.p: 10%W/V
  •  Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid Monohydrate I.P. q.s
  • Dosage: Children: 8Drops to 1/4th teaspoon
    Adults: 1/4th to 1/2 teaspoon