Emami Mentho Plus Balm 9 ml


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    Emami Mentho Plus is a specialist pain reliever for the common ailments, be it headache, back ache, cold, tiredness, sprains and muscular pain.
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Product Description

Emami Mentho Plus is made from pure natural ingredients, its D.U.M. formula contains oils of Lavang and Niligri which provide effective and holistic relief from all the common ailments.
Composition in % w/w:
  • Pudina ka Phool 14.00%
  • Karpur 6.00%
  • Ajowan ka Phool 0.50%
  • Oils(Tel) of: Nilgiri 7.00%, Gaultheria 10.00%, Tarpin 1.50%, Lavang 0.50%, Jaiphal 0.02%, Tulsi 0.01%, Base q.s.