Gatorade Sports Mix Lemon Flavour 35 gm


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    Gatorade is the ideal beverage while Excercising/Gymming, Playing a Sport, Jogging/Walking.

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Product Description

Key features of Gatorade Sports Mix Lemon Flavour 35g:
  • Rehydrate
  • Replenish
  • Refuel
  • When you are active & sweating, water is not good enough.
    Gatorade's scientific formulation instantly restores mineral salts, energy and water - all that you lose in sweat.
    Dextrose Acidity regulator (330) Mineral salts Clouding agent(444) colour(102)

    Preparation Steps:

  • Open  & empty sachet into 500ml container
  • Fill it with cold water
  • Shake/stir until mix dissolves