Germisol Perfumed Herbal Phenyl - Sensation 1 ltr


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  • 2 in 1 - Floor Cleaner & Deodorant Very pleasant and safe, unlike chemical-laden phenyles.
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Product Description

Germisol Perfumed Herbal Phenyl Sensation 1ltr:
  • This almond hued fluid creates a fragrant almosphere that gives a balmy effect. It ensures the place to be Zestfully clean and hygienic.
  • Germisol phenyle are products of essential oils extracted from eucalyptus, citronellal, citriodora, lemon grass and such other herbs. These natural oils are having strong anti-bacterial qualities. This also acts as mosquito and insect repellant. The delicate, permeating essence given out by these oils makes Germisol phenyle very pleasant.
  • Usage: It is effective in places like household, toilets, public halls, hospitals, offices, etc - every place of human dwelling.
    Ingredients: Vegetable oil base, Natural essential oils, emulsifier, pine oil 8% w/w.