Sasya Green Moong Whole 1 kg


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  • Whole grain - Nutrition rich.
  • Contains Protein, Vitamins, Phosphorous and Zinc
  • Recipes include Dals, Dosa, Salads, Soups. 
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Product Description

Sasya Green Moong Whole (or Whole Green Gram) is used extensively for it's Protein rich nutrition. It gets digested easily when compared to Toor Dal. 
Green Moong Whole in your pantry gives you enormous options to serve your family with a balanced nutrition. A salad or a South Indian 'Sundal' with sprouted Green Moong is best suited for an 'after games' and 'after office' snack.  Green Moong is the best one for sprouting, especially for beginners. It is easy and no-mess. You can refrigerated the sprouts in an air tight container. 
Dals made from Green Moong Whole are creamy, rich, nutritious and delicious with a variety of combinations of spices, or without any of them.