Sasya Khus Khus 100 gm


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  • Gives a mild flavour.
  • Thickens the gravy and adds to the texture.
  • Used in garnishing sweets. 
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Product Description

Khus Khus is called Poppy seeds in English. The name certainly reminds opium, but do not worry, Khus Khus does not contain significant amount of opiates.
It is widely used in Indian Cuisine. A thick paste of Khus Khus is added to Kormas and Masala(Spicy) curries to thicken the curry. It gives a creamy texture to the dish. 
Dry roasted Khus Khus is sprinkled on certain varieties of sweets.  A paste of Coconut and Khus Khus is used both in spicy curries and sweets. One such recipe is ""Gasagase Payasam"". Try this delicious, thick, creamy Kheer on a special occasion or any regular day to make it special.