Kissan Orange Marmalade 200 gm Bottle


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    Kissan orange Marmalade has a delicious tangy taste.
    With 100% Real Fruits.
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Product Description

The combination of sweet and sour flavours creates a unique fruity experience that you can enjoy in so many different ways. Liven up bread or parathas, blend with milk for a milkshake, add to kheer or put a dollop on ice cream for a sundae. At Kissan we are passionate about combining enjoyment with Nutrition. With more than 50 years of expertise, we bring you innovative ways to savour the goodness of nature! Get your day off with a great start with Kissan Jams. ingredients:Sugar, Orange Extract (45%), Orange Peel(5%), Thickener-440, Acidity regulator-330,Preservatives-211,223.
Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Color-110 and added flavours-Natural Flavours.

Contains permitted class ii preservatives.