KLF Coconad 100% Pure Coconut Oil 500 ml


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  • with goodness of 47% laurics.
  • no transfats increases good cholesterol.
  • beneficial for diabetics.
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Product Description

Key features of KLF Coconad 100% Pure Coconut Oil 500ml:-
Coconad is a premium 100% pure coconut oil made from the finest kerala coconuts, every drop of coconad gives you and your family true health that you deserve.
1. Enhances immunity: lauric acid found in coconut oil produces monolaurin (one of the main ingredients of mother's milk). it is an anti bacterial agent that enhances body immunity.
2. impact on cholesterol level: increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in blood.
3. Digestion & absorption: Has anti-microbial properties that fight microbes causing indigestion.
4.vitamins & antioxidants: Contains vitamin A (for healthy eyes), vitamin E (an antioxidant) antioxidants help maitain a healthy body by hindering the formation of harmful substances.
Ingredients: coconut oil.