Lion Dates Syrup 250 gm


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  • Extracted from Premium Quality Dates.
  • No Added Sugar, Flavour and Preservatives.
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Product Description

Lion Dates Syrup 250g:
Flavouring of Milk: Take 200ml of boiled milk and once it comes down to a lukewarm temperature, add 2 table spoons of lion dates syrup. Stir it slowly and drink. If you want it to be more sweeter, add more lion dates syrup to suit your taste.
Recommended Usage: Lion Dates syrup can be taken along with Idly, Dosa, Chappathi and Bread.
Lion Dates syrup is one of the best sources of Calcium and Iron.
Calcium: Strengthens your Bones and Helps to prevent Pre - menstrual blues.
Iron: Prevents Anemia in Pregnant Women, Provides Strength to immune System and improves Haemoglobin.