Maiyas Gulab Jamun Instant Mix 200 gm


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  • Authentic family recipe handed down through generations.
  • Makes 60 Gulab jamuns of Approximately 25g each from the entire contents of this pack.
  • What you need: Sugar, Oil or Ghee and Water.
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Product Description

Cooking Directions:
  • To 1 cup of MAIYAS GULAB JAMUN MIX, gradually add 1/4 cup of water and knead gently to make a smooth dough. Keep the dough aside for 5 Minutes.
  • Make sugar syrup by boiling equal parts of sugar and water for 5 minutes. This entire pack requires 1.2kg of sugar and 1.2 ltr water.
  • MAIYAS serving Suggestion: Add cardamom powder or saffron to the sugar syrup to enhance the flavour.
  • Apply oil or Ghee to both your palms while shaping the dough into small, equal-sized balls.
  • Heat the oil over a low flame for deep frying.
  • Soak the fried Gulab Jamuns in the hot sugar syrup until they completeely absorb the syrup (20 minutes)
  • Ingredients:
  • Maida -65.2%
  • Milk Solids 21.1%
  • Edible Vegetable Fat 10.6%
  • Raising Agents INS 500(ii)
  • Acidity Regulator INS 296