Manna Health Mix 500 gm


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  • A complete balanced nutrients.
  • Naturally balanced with Essential Amino Acids.
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Product Description

Key features of Manna Health Mix 500g:
pulses: 12%(fried gram,green gram), sago:3%, nuts:2%(groundnut,cahsewnuts & badam) & cardamom:1%
Storage Instructions:
Transfer the contents into an airtight jar.keep in dry place. avoid direct sunlight.

Preparation Steps:
  • Take enough quantity of manna health mix.
  • Add milk or water and mix well(300 ml for 3 table spoons of manna health mix)
  • Boil this mixture stirring frequently for 3 minutes to make porridge
  • Add sugar or salt to taste and serve
  • Manna health mix is an ideal nutritious food