MTR Pickle - Mixed Vegetable Pickle 500 gm


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    An authentic Indian pickle made from vegetables and aromatic spices.
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Product Description

Established in 1924, MTR is the contemporary way to authentic tasting food. our products are backed by culinary expertise honed over 8 decades of serving wholesome, Tasty and high quality vegetarian food. Using authentic Indian recipes, the purest and best quality natural ingredients and traditional methods of preparation, we bring you a range of products of unmatched flavour and taste, to delight your family at every meal and every occasion.

Ingredients: Lime(56%), Carrot, Bitter, gourd, Green Chilli, Mango ginger, Salt, Mustard powder, Red Chilli powder(3%), Acetic Acid, Asafoetida, Turmeric powder

Contains permitted Class ii preservative INS 211