OB Tampons - Super for Heavy Flow 10 Tampons


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  • Designed by a gynaecologist.
  • Super Tampons: For extra protection during night and heavy flow.
  • No staining accidents, No Menstrual Odour.
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Product Description

The most modern form of Menstrual protection, o.b Tampons are made of compressed layers of highly absorbant fibres which are interwoven to hold together and remain intact.
Safe and Convinient, o.b. Tampons expand in width to give you a gap free snug fit.
No staining accidents, No Menstrual Odour.
Warning: Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but serious disease. The enclosed leaflet contains valuable information about TSS and it's symptoms. In case you have ever suffered from TSS, consult your physician before using these Tampons.