Oncrop Antac Pest Management for Ants 50 ml


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    A perfect ant control for your Home and Home Garden.Non-toxic & Eco-friendly
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Product Description

Antac liquid is effective for controlling red and other types of ants in home and home garden. This is 100% organic, non-toxic - no harm to humans and pets. The odour keeps you vibrant.
An exceptional formula based on citronella oil, other essential oils emulsifiers and aqua to repel ants from gardens, home, offices, shops, restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias etc.
Directions for use: For indoors, add 2ml per litre of water- sprinkle the liquid and wipe with a cloth. 
For home garden, add 2ml per litre of water and sprinkle the liquid wherever the ants appear. This will not cause any harm to the plants.