Oncrop Organic Rose Mix 250 gm


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    100% chemical free.To grow healthy flowers.
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Product Description

Normally Rose and all other flowering plants require the following essential nutrients: Nitrogen, phosphorous, Sulphur, Calcium, magnesium, Molebdenum, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Auxins growth harmones and phytoxines for disease resistance.
Rose Mix is the best flower plant food. Manufactured though various organic nutrients extracted from different ayurvedic plants and oil cakes, such as neem cake, Honge cake and castor cake, which supply all essential nutrients for rose plants and other flowering plants.
  • Improves soil structure, uptake of nutrients and water by the plants. 
  • Activates soil, improves capacity to hold water and helps to grow a healthy root system, by loosening soil. 
  • It works as a pest repellent as it contains neem cake.
  • How to use Rosemix?
    After pruning, apply 50gms of Rosemix spread uniformly 10cms away from the plants, 3cms below soil. Mix thoroughly with adequate water. Apply ROsemix once in 10days for excellent flower yield.