Oral-B Toothbrush Soft Surrounding Bristles - Kids Toothbrush


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  • Soft Surrounding Bristles.
  • Control Grip.
  • Handle Stabilizer.
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Product Description

Key Features of Oral-B Soft Surrounding Bristles Kids Toothbrush:
At Oral- B, We care for your child's oral health by developing innovative products that are trusted by dental professionals worldwide.

  • Soft Surrounding Bristles: Soft, cup-shaped bristles or designed to surround and gently clean teeth.
  • Control Grip: Control grip helps small hands maintain good control while  brushing.
  • Handle Steabilizer: Handle Steabilizer helps keep the brush stady when set down.
  • Power Tip Bristles: Power tip bristles are designed to help clean hard to reach back  teeth.
  • Indicator Bristles: Blue indicator bristles fade of way so you no when to replace your child's brush.