Pampers Diapers Large 60


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  • Absorb up To 5 wettings
  • Outer Cover Soft Like Cotton*
  • Magic Gel, Up To 10 Hours Dryness.
  • 9-14kg
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Product Description

Key Features of Pampers Diapers Large 60 Pads:
Now, New Pampers with magic gel can absorb quicker and hence keep the skin dry for upto 10 hours. So your baby's skin will be dry throughout the night, and give him a peaceful, undisturbed golden sleep.
  • With Extra Dry Layer.
  • Lotion with Aloe to help protect skin*
  • Out cover is soft like cotton*
  • Upto 10 hours of dryness
  • Thin with Magic Gel
  • Tape sticks many times.