Parampara Kolhapuri Ready To Cook Gravy Mix 80 gm


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  • A small town named Kolhapur near Mumbai, specializes in spicy and hot food with great taste. This gravy finds its roots from this place.
  • Recipe: Packet Contents + Chicken + water = Chicken Kolhapuri
  • A 2 step Recipe. Cooking Time 22 Min. 
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Product Description

Chicken/Mutton/Vegetable Kolhapuri Cooking Directions (Serves 4):
Ingredients Required:
Contents of this Pack
Chicken/Mutton/Vegetables 500g
Water 450ml

Chciken Kolhapuri:
1. Take 500g of Chicken, entire contents of this Packet and 3 cups(450ml) of water in a cooking pan.
2. Cover with a lid and cook until the chicken is tender (20-22 minutes)
Mutton Kolhapuri:
1. Take 500g of Mutton, entire contents of this packet and 2.5 cups (350ml) of water in a pressure cooker. mix it well and cook for 2 whistles. Lower the flame & allow to cook for another 10 min.
Vegetable Kolhapuri:
1. Whisk the contents of this pack and 3.5 Cups (500ml) of water in abowl to form asmooth mixture.
2. Suate 500g of vegetables (Potatoes, Cauliflower, Onion, green Peas & Tomato) in 20g of Oil till they turn golden brown.
3. Add the Mixture from the bowl & cook until the gravy becomes thick.
Note: Do not add anything else. This mix contains oil and salt too.
Dehydrated Onions
Edible Vegetable Oil
Coriander Leaves
Red Chilli Powder (5.5%)
Spices and Condiments (2.2%)
Dehydrates Tomato
Acidity Regualtor (INS 260)

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