Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch 400 gm Pack


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  • With almonds & raisins.
  • Contain Oats for a strong heart.
  • A delicious mixture of Oats, wheat flakes and dry fruits, Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch ensures you a bowlful of health. A crackling bite of almonds in every spoonful, you can now begin your day with an exciting, crunchy delight.
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Product Description

Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch
  • Contains Oats for a strong Heart.
  • Has the goodness of multigrain.
  • Is high in Fiber.
  • Is a source of Protein.
  • Aids in regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol.
  • Contains nuts, an excellent source of vitamin E.
  • Ingredients:
    Wholegrain[rolled oats(29%), whole wheat flakes(27%), corn flakes(15%)],
    raisins(10%), invert syrup, almonds(5%), sugar, honey and antioxidants(INS 322 & INS 304)