Sasya Yellow Moong Dal 500 gm


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  • Superior quality is ensured. Hygienically packed.
  • Provides high Protein and can be easily digested.
  • Low fat alternative to meat dishes.
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Product Description

Including Moong Dal in everyday meal is an ideal way to pack your menu with wholesome nutrition.
Moong Dal Recipes include very classic dishes like Moong Dal Payasam, Kichdi and it's south Indian variant Pongal. Moong Dal Fry is a simple, moderately spicy dish that can be had with Rotis and Paranthas. 
Moong Dal becomes soft with in half-an-hour when soaked in water. The soaked Moong Dal can be added to the vegetable Shallow Fry dishes like Cabbage Fry, Carrot Fry, Methi Sabji etc. to get the extra benefit of protein to the vegetable preparation.
Try the traditional Moong Dal Payasam to make your special lunch complete with this Kerala's special dessert. It is creamy and rich with the subtle flavours of Moong Dal and Coconut. 
Relish the delicious and nutritious Moong Dal from Sasya- Carfully picked, cleaned and packed Dal!