Sundrop Heart Blended Rice Bran 1 ltr Pouch

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  • A unique and scientific blend of high quality, specially processed Rice Bran (80%) and Sunflower (20%) oils.
  • Sundrop Heart has an amazing micro nutrient called Oryzanol which is known to help reduce bad cholesterol.
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Product Description

Sundrop Heart Blended Rice Bran 1 ltr Pouch

Key Features of Sundrop Heart 1ltr Pouch:
Sundrop Heart is a rich golden coloured oil which contains a good balance of MUFA and PUFA. It is also rich In Oryzanol . Choose Oryzanol rich sundrop Heart as part of a healthy diet, low on saturated fat and cholesterol, to make tasty food and help keep your family healthy.
Sundrop brings you one more 'healthy oil for healthy people'.
Ingredients: Refined Edible Ricebran oil, Refined Edible sunflower oil and Antioxidant (TBHQ).

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