Weikfield Freeze Strawberry Powder 100 gm Buy ONE Get One Free Any Flavour


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  • This Freeze Delicicous Ice-Cream mix powder makes 5 Servings of 100g each.
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Product Description

  • Sugar
  • Starch 
  • Dextrose
  • Emulsifier & Stabilizer: INS 412, INS 331
  • Tricalcium Phosphate( Calcium 190mg, Phosphorous 100mg)
  • Colour INS 122
  • Contains Added Nature Identical and artificial flavouring (Strawberry Flavour) & Colouring Substances.
    1. Set the refrigerator to the coldest temperature 1/2 hour before preparing the ice-cream.
    2. Empty Contents of the packet in 1/2 ltr of milk and heat to a boil for 2 minutes with constant stirring till it becomes a homogeneous mixture.
    3. The ice-cream mixture is then cooled and poured in trays(Preferably aluminium trays) Avoid a layer of more than 25mm. Put the trays in the freezing compartn=ment of refrigerator.
    4. The ice-cream will almost set in two hours. Remove the tray and beat with spoon or in a mixture till smooth. At this stage the ice-cream can be served or if desired, after beating put the ice-cream back in the tray and cover it with a polythene sheet (Milk bag can be used.) and ice-cream becomes firm and of the required consistency.
    For richer ice-cream use 250g of Fresh Milk Cream.