Sasya White Peas 500 gm


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  • White Peas (Navy Beans or Safed Vatana or Batani) are starchy, mild flavoured in creamy white colour.
  • Hardness allow them for longer shelf life.
  • Recipes include Ragada Patties, Soups
  • Rich in Iron and Protein.
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Product Description

Dried White Peas come to a rescue when your Fridge is empty.
Soak the white peas for a few hours, boil them witha little salt. The peas are ready to be used in any of your favourite dishes to add a little extra protein and fiber.
Adding a paste of the boiled peas gives you a thicker starchy flavour for soups. 
Mash the boiled white peas before adding to a spicy curry to get a good texture and thicker gravy.
Ragda Patties with Spicy White Peas curry for a yummy yummy evening snack? Wow, makes you drool!