Amul Buttery Spread - Garlic & Herbs 100 gm


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    Amul Buttery Spread - Garlic & Herbs 100 gm

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Amul Buttery Spread - Garlic & Herbs 100 gm

Amul Garlic & Herbs Butter

Garlic Butter is the most popular variant of Butter. Garlic bread and Garlic toast , made out of Garlic Butter are extremely popular.

Just about every major restaurant & fast-food joint has garlic bread as part of its menu. Make the same mouth-watering, delicious Garlic Bread at home in a jiffy with Amul Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread.

Apart from garlic bread, this product can be used to impart buttery-garlic flavour to Pasta, Chapati’s, Chhole, Garlic Dosa, Garlic Naan, Khulcha, Paranthas, mashed potatoes, baked vegetables, Garlic flavoured gravies, garlic flavoured paneer dishes, garlic flavoured curry dishes, pizzas and innumerable Indian and western dishes.

Put on your Imagination cap and try making various delicacies using Amul Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread for its sheer taste & convenience.

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