Anil Vermicelli Ragi 180 gm


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    Ingredients: Wheat Flour & Ragi Flour

Product Description

Anil Vermicelli Ragi 180 gm

Cooking Direction: 

Take 2 litres of plain water and required quantity of salt, put 180g of Anil Ragi Vermicelli in it. Allow it for 3 minutes and drain the excess water. Do not keep it for more than 3 minutes, otherwise it will lose it's nature. Then cook it in steam fr 5 Minutes. Now Anil Ragi vermicelli is ready for your recipe.
Recipe No.1 : Upma
Heat adequate quantity of oil in the frying pan, add Mustard seeds, black gram, onion, green chillies, adequate salt etc. Then put the cooked Anil Ragi Vermicelli in the pan and mix thoroughly for 5 minutes aand serve hot.
Recipe No.2: Sweet
Sugar, grated Coconut, Cardamom etc can be added with the steamed Anil ragi Vermicelli for sweet taste.

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