MCB B Curve

The MCB trips between 3-5 times full load current. It is mainly used in residential applications where loads are resistive e.g. lighting fixtures, domestic appliances with low surge Levels.

MCB C Curve

The MCB trips between 5-10 times full load current. It is used in commercial / industrial applications where there is greater chances of higher short circuit currents e.g. mainly inductive loads, fluorescent lighting.

MCB D Curve

The MCB trips between 10-14 times full load current. It is used where inrush currents can be very high e.g. motors, X-ray machines.

MCB Selection Chart for Anchor Uno MCBs. 

The given data is only for guidance and may vary for different manufacturer.

AppliancesCapacityMCB RatingType of MCBWire Size sqmm
Air Conditioner1 ton10 AC2.5
1.5 tons16 AC4
2 tons20 AC4
Refrigirator 165 ltr400 W3 AC1.5
Refrigirator 285 ltr600 W4 AC1.5
Refrigirator 350 ltr750 W5 AC1.5
Iron750 W5 AB1.5
1000 W6 AB1.5
1250 W7.5 AB2.5
Water Heater 1ltr/3ltr3000 W / 4000 W20 AB4.0
Water Heater 6ltr/10ltr/15 ltr2000 W / 3000 W16 AB4.0
Room Heater1000 W6 AB1.5
2000 W10 AB2.5
Oven cun Griller1600 W/ 2200 W8 A / 12 AB2.5
Oven750 W / 1000 W4 A / 6AB1.5
Washing Machine300 W2 AC1.0
800 W7.5 AC1.5
1200 W12 AC2.5
1800 W16 AC4