Boost Stamina Refill Pack 750 gm


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  • Boost is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as part of your daily diet and excercise plan.
  • Boost Before Play.

Product Description

Boost Stamina Refill Pack 750 gm

Key Features of Boost Stamina Refill Pack 750g:
Before you play, have your mug of Boost - packed with Envita Nutrients that increase your stamina by 3 times more to unleash the energy to fuel the winner in you.
Boost with Envita Nutrients significantly improves the status of 6 key nutrients(Vitamins B2, B6, B12, Folate,and Itron stores) essential for the oxygen utilizatoin capacity of the body for more stamina.
Envita Nutrients:This term is a creative rendition for the micronutrients that have a role in energy metabolism and physical performance(endurance).
Ingredients: Malted barley (extracted solids)(69%),sugar,wheat flour,milk solids,minerals,natural colour(ins 150c).Acidity regulator(Ins 501(ii),500(ii)),Glucose,salt,cocoa powder,vitamins,protein isolate,Nature identical flavouring substances

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