Britannia Cheese Cubes Classic 200 gm


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  • Goodness of Cow's milk.
  • Britannia Cheese Cubes are your best cheese snack for any occasion. Each cube comes in a fresh wrap with an easy-to-tear tape.
  • These cubes are your bundle of health, convenience, taste and variety.

Product Description

Britannia Cheese Cubes Classic 200 gm

As a perfect accompineiment for cocktails, cut Britannia Cheese Cube into four pieces. With a toothpick, skewer one piece of cheese along with one glazed cherry and one slice of pineapple. You can experiment with any other fruits and toppings of your choice.
Whether it is a quick bite at home, occasions to celebrate, or sudden guests at last-minute get-togethers, Britannia Cheese Cubes come in handy.
  • Use in cooking 
  • Pre-cut to give convenience as a snack
  • With or without topping of small-cut vegetables /pineapple etc.
  • Ingredients:
    Milk Solids
    Iodised Salt
    Preservative (E220)
    Storage Condition: Refrigerate at 4degC or Below, under Hygienic conditions.

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