Colin Kitchen Cleaner 400 ml


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  • Removes Oil & Greasy Stains.

Product Description

Colin Kitchen Cleaner 400 ml

Colin Kitchen Cleaner 400ml:
Perfect for cleaning: 
  • kitchen slabs.
  • gas burners.
  • tiles.
  • vessels & frying pans.
  • kitchen cabinets.
  • stainless steel sinks.
  • exhaust fans.
  • appliances such as microwave oven/ toaster/ mixie/ refrigerator.
  • bicycles/ motorcycles/ cars.
  • Usage instructions: 
  • Turn green trigger nozzle to "on" position.
  • For General Cleaning: Spray the cleaner on the stains and leave for 1 minute. Then wipe with a cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe with a damp cloth.
  • For Cooking Vessels/Utensils: Allow surfaces to cool. Then spray the cleaner without adding any water. Leave it for maximum of 30 minutes and then wash as usual with regular dish cleaning agent. Rinse thoroughly with water.
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