Dabur Lal Tail 200 ml


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  • Lal Tail Ayurvedic Medicine
  • 2 Times Faster Physical Growth
  • Massage with Daber Lal Tail makes Bones & Muscles stronger

Product Description

Dabur Lal Tail 200 ml

Daber Lal Tail is a natural Ayurvedic baby massage oil, which contians the properties of time tested herbs. These strengthen the baby's bones and muscles, and help him/her stay ahead. 

It is useful for flabby, dry skin and wrinkles occuring during rickets.

Composition: Each 100ml Daber Lal Tail is Prepared From:
1. Shankha pushpi 37.04g (Evolvulus alsinoides)
2. Masha/Urad 9.88g (Phaseolus radiatus)
3. Raton jot 1.23g (onosma echioides)
4. Karpoor 0.925g (Drybalanops camphora)
5.Saraldaru Tail 1.85g (Pinus longifolia)
6. Til Tail (Sesamum indicum) q.s to 100ml

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