Dabur NatureCare Double Action Isabgol 100 gm


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  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Trifala + Ajwain
  • Complete relief from Constipation and Gas

Product Description

Dabur NatureCare Double Action Isabgol 100 gm

Relieves from:
  •     Chronic Constipation
  •     Irritable bowel syndrome
  •     Hypercholestramia
  •   Dabur Isabgol is a powdered Pysillium-based natural laxative for relief from constipation. It is a specially formulated, triple refined admixture of Isabgol and select adjuvants. Nature Care Isabgol increases the total surface area available for fluid absorption within the digestive tract. It is completely free of effervescent and other harmful chemicals, and is carefully balanced to reduce salt content. With no risk of side effects and an improved flavor and mouth feel.
  • Isabgol - 490g
  • Senna - 19g
  • Kala Namak - 7.8g
  • Saunf - 8.0g
  • Trifala - 6.5g
  • Ajwain - 6.5g
  • Mulethi - 2.0g
  • Nimbu ka Satva - 1.0g
  • Excipients
    preservative: Sodiem Methyl paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben
    Directions of Usage:
    Adults and children above 12years - One to two teaspoons at bed time or as directed by physician.
    Check for more Info.
    Caution: Powder should never be taken as such, as it may cause severe choking.

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