Faber Kitchen Appliances is India's No.1 Hoods and Hobs brand.  Faber India has the full range of kitchen appliances comprising of Hoods, Chimneys, Hobs,Cooktops, Gas Stoves, Cooking Ranges. Built in Appliances include Faber Built in Oven, Hobs and Cooking Range. Faber Chimneys are the most sought after, out of every 2 kitchen chimneys in India, one is Faber Chimney.

Faber Online in Bangalore & Hyderabad - Chimney, Hob & Cooktop:

iRely.in brings you the best of Faber Products. irely.in offers best prices for Faber Chimney and faber Kitchen Hobs and cook tops.

Faber Customer Care:

Faber service Centres are spread across the country with 120 centres and a team of 50 service executives. Faber India also gives Lifetime warranty and an option for cleaning contract.

Faber Customer Care Number or Faber Service Toll Free No.: 1800 209 3484

Faber Chimneys

  1. Faber Platinum CollectionFaber Platinum Collection
  2. Faber 3D+ Chimneys Faber 3D+ Chimneys
  3. Faber 3D ChimneysFaber 3D Chimneys
  4. Faber Sil-K ChimneysFaber Sil-K Chimneys
  5. Faber Decorative ChimneysFaber Decorative Chimneys
  6. Faber Autoclean ChimneysFaber Autoclean Chimneys
  7. Faber Filterless ChimneysFaber Filterless Chimneys
  8. Faber Ceiling Mounted ChimneysFaber Ceiling Mounted Chimneys
  9. Faber Aerostation ChimneyFaber Aerostation Chimney
  10. Faber Traditional ChimneysFaber Traditional Chimneys
  11. Faber Collection SeriesFaber Collection Series

Faber Hob Cooktops

  1. Faber Built-in HobsFaber Built-in Hobs
  2. Faber Hob Cooktop HybridFaber Hob Cooktop Hybrid
  3. Faber Freestanding CooktopsFaber Freestanding Cooktops