Frequently Asked Questions

With this list of frequently asked questions we try to explain the shopping process at If you have any unanswered questions regarding your shopping at, please call us on 9886718121/8762387053 (8:00am - 8:00pm).

Shopping Procedure


Can’t I go ahead shopping without registration?

No. Registration lets remember your Delivery Address so that you need not enter the delivery address every time you shop. It also helps you track your orders, order status. Shopping cart can be saved, so that you can add items to the cart as and when you remember the items and checkout whenever you wish.

Do I need to give all the details every time I shop with

No. As we collect the necessary details during the first checkout, you don’t need to key-in the details for further orders. For any changes in those details, you can do it through My Account page.

How do I register?

You can register in two ways.

One is to register directly with and the other way is to register using your Facebook or Google IDs.

If you wish to register with with your mail ID,

1.       Click on “Sign-in” on top right corner of home page

2.       Enter your name, email ID and desired password then click on Sign Up Now

Otherwise if you already have a Google/Facebook Account and wish to register to this site using our Social Login Feature,

1.       Click on “Sign-in” on top right corner of home page

2.       Click on either Facebook or Google+ button on the right side of the Sign-Up Pop-up.

3.       You will be redirected to the Facebook/Google Page which will ask you for the confirmation.

4.       Once you approve, you will be redirected back to

5.       You can continue to login using Facebook/Google ID without worrying about one more password.



Picking items

How do I find products that I need?

We have an detailed menu which gives you detailed subcategories, to help you go directly to the items you need. You can keep moving back and forth to the menu and the product pages.

You can also key-in the name of the product in the Search bar on the Top of the page. The search Bar has auto-suggest feature that shows the list of products that match the characters as you type. If you find the product in the suggest list, you can select it to go to the product details, otherwise press enter in the search bar that will give you all the products matching the keyword. 

If you can’t find the product you are looking for, Don't Worry! You can enter the list of products during the checkout. We will try to pick them up from nearby stores and deliver them along with the rest of the order.

What If I do not find an item in the relevant category?

Go to the search bar in the  top of the page and enter the product name that you are looking for. There are high chances that you will find the product you are looking for. If you still can’t get it, No Worries!. You can enter the list of products during the checkout. We will try to pick them up from nearby stores and deliver them along with the rest of the order.

 There are too many items in a category and I find it tough to browse through the items?

We recommend you to go the subcategory so that the number of products in the list is minimized. Searching for the product (Search bar is in the top of the page) might help you find the product you are looking for.

I don’t know the names of some spices in English, any help on this?

“Local Name Search” feature tries to solve this problem. Type the name of the product in your mother tongue/local language in the search bar that is on the top-right corner of the page. As you key-in the search bar shows you the relevant items.  Once you find the item in the list, click on the item to go to the product page. With the help of images, you can identify the product you are searching for.  For example, “uddin” will give you “Urad Dal 1kg” along with other items.  “chinta” will give you “Tamarind”.

I added all that I need to the bag, what next?

Top-Right corner of the page shows you “Shopping bag” with the count of items in the bag. Taking the mouse to that area gives you a list of items in the bag along with two buttons, “View Cart” and “Checkout”.  If you need to review the items you added to shopping bag, click on “View cart” button. For ordering the items in the Shopping Bag, click on “Checkout”.  Checkout Page also has an option for reviewing the order.          

Placing an Order

How to place an order?

Once you are done adding items in the shopping bag, take mouse to the “Shopping Bag” area on the Top-Right corner of the page. A list of Products along with “View Cart” and “Checkout” buttons appear. Click on the “Checkout” button. It will take you to the checkout page. If you are not logged-in, you will be asked to log-in.

Once logged-in, if this is the first time you are ordering with, it will ask you to fill in the Delivery Address, otherwise will show you the Delivery Address that was given in the earlier order.

Click “Continue”.

Select the available Delivery Slot.

Click “Continue”.

Your Order is ready for Review.

You can add or remove products in the shopping bag, by clicking on “Edit Cart” button.

Once you reviewed the order, Click “Place Order”. 

You will receive a confirmation mail.

Can billing address be different from shipping address?

No.  We are operating on “Cash-On-Delivery” Payment Mode. This mandates that Delivery Address is same as Billing Address.

How to add or delete the items from the cart?

 From Checkout Page:

Once your Order is ready for Review, You can add or remove products in the shopping bag, by clicking on “Edit Cart” button.

From any other page: Click on “View Cart” button on the Shopping Bag area on Top-Right Corner of the page.

Shopping Cart page gives you the list of Items you added to the Shopping Bag. You can increase/decrease the quantity of a product by entering the number directly or by clicking on +/- buttons. 

By clicking “x” button you can remove that product from the bag.

Once you are done reviewing all the items, click on “Update Shopping Cart” to get the modified prices and the updated totals.

After modifying the Cart you can proceed to place the order by clicking on “Proceed to Checkout” button.

I placed an Order, How do I know if you received the Order or not?

You will receive an automated mail acknowledging the receipt of your order.

How do I know the status of my order?

My Account page in shows you the status of the order.

How do I cancel the order?

For cancellation of the order, call us at 9686550572/8762387053 at least one hour before your selected delivery slot. This saves us the effort of packing and billing your order.



What time do I get my order delivered?

We support  2-hour delivery slots.

While placing the order in checkout page, select a delivery slot as per your convenience.

The available delivery slots are shown as “Select” depending on the time of your order. You can order at least 7 days in advance.

In case I need to change the delivery time, how do I inform

Please call us at 9686550572/8762387053 at least one hour before your selected delivery slot.

Payment Method

We support Cash, Card as well as Food Coupons on Delivery. You can also pay by UltraCash Payment App.  

UltraCash Support:

Customer and Merchant Support      : 08040423456

Download App Give a Missed call to  : 08040423458

For Online Transfers:

Account Number: 141705500183
Account Name: Rajtek Home Solutions. (Please do NOT give as Name)
IFSC code: ICIC0001417
Account Type: Current Account



We provide free shipping for orders avove Rs.999/-. We charge Rs. 40/- as delivery charges for orders below Rs. 1000/-

Please check if we have delivery service in your area. Delivery Areas

Returns Handling

What is done in cases of any wrong Item being delivered/ damages found in the items?

We recommend you to check the items at the time of delivery against your bill. You can return any item that is not as per your requirement. The reasons might vary from wrong item being delivered, to an unsatisfactory quality of the product.  You can return the item and deduct the price from the bill amount.


Tips to make shopping easier: Saving the cart

No need to remember the complete list of items you need at one go. Whenever you remember an item that you need, just login, add the items to cart, Log out.  Items will be saved in your cart, until the time you Place an Order or till you clear the cart. So at any later point in time, you can place an order of those items.

Quick Orders

All your previous orders with are saved. For a quick order,

Open any of the orders; you will get a list of products that were ordered.

Click on the product you need, and add to the Shopping bag.

Checkout if those are all you need to order.


Products and Brands

Can I Suggest a product? How?

If you want to let us know that a product or brand of products can be added to, click on “Suggest A Product” on the left side of the page. Please enter your Name, email ID and the product details before clicking “Submit”. Product details can just be a product name and/or a brand name of the product.

Customer Space

 How do I benefit from having an account with

You can have the following benefits:

· saves your Address and Phone Number so that your checkout process is faster.

·         You can save the cart. This enables you to fill your cart as and when you remember your needs, and place an order at a later point in time.

·         Check the status of your order.

·         View your previous orders.  

·         Enables you to quickly order based on your past purchases.

How to pass on the feedback, how to share my views about

Click on the Feedback button the left side of the page.  Enter your feedback preferably with details before clicking on “Submit”. We will act on your feedback.

How do I share my views on a particular product?

Each product page has “Add Review” tab. Give your desired name and proceed to give the review.