Fem Bleach - Saffron Fariness Creme Bleach 26.4g


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  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Healthy even tone for fair skin
  • With Saffron & Milk

Product Description

Fem Bleach - Saffron Fariness Creme Bleach 26.4g

What's new in Fem saffron Fairness Cream Bleach ?
New Fem Saffron & Milk lightens dark facial hair, spots and pigmentation to give healthy flawless fairness and glow.
A question always arises in the minds of first time users about how to use bleach safely. This is because they tend to get confused with the mixing ratio of the cream and the activator poweder. Understanding this problem, Fem introduces an innovative Fem SafeUse(TM) spoon, a pre-measured spoon for both cream and activator powder. Fem SafeUse(TM) spoon ensures a safe and convenient bleaching experience. With Fem Bleach, enjoy healthy fairness with care.

Creme bleach: Hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, stearic Acid.
Powder Activator: Ammonium Bi- Carbonate.

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