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Buy Fruits and Vegetables Online in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Order Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Online at and get the convenience of having Fresh Vegetables and fruits, crunchy green leafy vegetables, colourful Indian and Imported fruits and vegetables at any time for any recipe. You decide the recipe and we deliver the fresh vegetables and fruits to your home at your convenient time. We follow the best quality products at low prices approach. So rest assured you will get good value for your money.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Picking and Delivery:

By ordering Fresh Fruits and vegetables online, you give the responsibility of picking the best  vegetables and deliver them fresh. picks the Vegetables fresh from Farmer Markets and deliver you the same day. We ensure that vegetables are not refrigerated before they reach you. This promises that freshness of the Vegetables is intact by the time it reaches your home.

Online Fruits and Vegetables Shopping - Quality:

When you order Fresh Fruits and Vegetables online in Bangalore and Hyderabad, you typically want to use it for a minimum of four days. So fruits like Banana and Papaya are delivered to you keeping in view that you will be able to use it for a few days. So we deliver semi-ripe fruits with utmost care in picking the fruits and carrying them to your home. You will find the skins intact and no blemishes on the fruits.

How to get the most nutrition out of the vegetables and fruits you buy online from

  • Once you receive the order, check if the vegetables need to be repackaged.
  • Pack separately and store.
  • Clean vegetables and Fruits only when you are ready to use them. If you want to clean them before storing, make sure no moisture is left behind.
  • Cleaning with cold water with a spoon of salt in it will eliminate pesticide residues to a large extent. You can also make the vegetables and fruits sit in Vinegar and water solution for a few minutes to get the vegetables free from dirt and pesticide residues.
  • Consume fruits and vegetables with skin, where ever it is edible. We tend to peel away the layers of Vegetables not knowing they contain a large portion of nutrients. Skins are equally nutritious.
  • Relish the more colourful salads and curries.
  • Do not over cook and lose the nutrients that are ample in fresh and uncooked vegetables.

Finally, there are a few vegetables and fruits that are “must have” in kitchen for colourful recipes, so colourful that makes children drool for the dish. Those are carrots, Corn, Peas, spring onion, cauliflower and Peppers. Sprinkling a dash of chopped coriander and mint adds to colour and nutrition of the meal. So stock up your favourite Fruits and vegetables and have a bowlful for a healthy life.