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Order Vegetables Online from iRely.in

Think of  Vegetable shopping online. You will recollect a list of vegetables you ate recently and order those vegetables all over again in today's order, well, barring a few of them. This list of Vegetables and fruits is the everyday favourites and used in our regular meal.

As you read this what vegetables zoom around your head? A brinjal, beans, cabbage, cauliflower. Then you are at right place. Go ahead Order your favourite vegtables and fruits online at iRely.in and get the fresh produce delivered home.

This Vegetable list you see here is a complete list of locally grown vegetables. All the vegetables you ordered, are procured from local farmer market. We pick the freshest of the vegetables from farmers. By the way, now that we know how to pick a tender Bhindi and a firm cabbage we call ourselves the specialists. We have many tips to share.

We would also like to share with you that “not so good looking” vegetables are NOT bad and definitely NOT inferior to a beautiful vegetable in it's nutritional value. Considering this will save a considerable amount of fresh produce from going waste, there by saving the efforts of farmer. 

Once we pick the best vegetables, we start packing them judiciously considering paper as an alternative for plastic bag. Please bear with us if we club two different kinds vegetables in one pack. We also might just roll a Bottlegourd in paper and deliver you. One less plastic cover goes into landfill.