Exotic Vegetables

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Order Exotic Vegetables Online in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Globe trotter? Love Mexican, Italian dishes. So you are at the right place.

What are Exotic Vegetables?

Exotic vegetables are those vegetables which are not grown locally by local farmers. Exotic vegetables are usually imported from different parts of the planet or grown in Green Houses that replicate the weather and climatic features required for these vegetables. Farm to fork time is more for these vegetables. So a proper mechanism for storage has to be employed. These are the reasons for the higher price of the exotic vegetables.

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At iRely.in we take care of retaining the freshness of the Exotic vegetables by storing them at optimal temperatures. Packaging also plays an important role in keeping them fresh until it reaches you. We wrap the vegetables in cling film to protect these vegetables from dust.

iRely.in reasonably prices these vegetables by procuring the domestically grown peppers, Lettuce, Broccoli and Zuccuni. 

International Vegetables:

India started relishing these exotic vegetables. The taste of these vegetables closely match with their country grown cousins. Broccoli – Cauliflower, Lettuce – cabbage etc. Go ahead adding more colour and nutrition from these uncommon vegetables safely brought to you home by iRely.in.

Salads and sandwiches, Pasta, stir fries are a few recipes you can relish these bright coloured vegetables in your regular diet. Surprise your guests with a dash of colourful vegetable salad made from Red and Yellow Bell peppers, broccoli, Zuccuni and lettuce. 

Burger with a crunchy leaf of lettuce smeared with mayonnaise is heaven!