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Buy Green Leafy Vegetables Online

Fresh Palak, Amaranthus, Dil Leaves

Fresh green leafy vegetables brigten up the meal. Green leaves like Palak, Amaranthus are nutrition rich and for a healthy diet you must include a few servings of greens in your everyday diet. We all love healthy skin and lusterous hair. So go ahead. Order green leafy vegetables online at is committed to cater to the local tastes. We do not want you to miss out the wonderful dishes from Mom's menu, when the world is not as connected as now. Local Green leaves like Ponaganti Koora, Sabbakki Soppu are brought to your home fresh from local Farmers market.

Order Fresh Herbs Online in Bangalore & Hyderabad

Fresh herbs are every Chef's favourite. Can't imagine Sambar without green coriander leaves finely chopped and drizzled over the hot boiling Sambar. These herbs give out their own, unique flavour tht nothing else can replace. 

How to store the Green leaves to retain their freshness for longer time.

 Well, we take care of delivering you the most fresh green vegetables available in the market. Now its your turn to store them right.

Open the bundles, see if still some bad leaves, yellow coloured or rotten are there around, pull them out. Ethylene in yellow and rotten leaves spoils the other good ones.

If you clean the leaves, let them dry until all the moisture is gone. Then spread the leaves apart on a newspaper, roll it into a bundle. This makes sure moisture is absorbed by paper or towel and leaves are fresh. Now slip this bundle into a cover and store in fridge.

For fresh herbs like corinader and mint, store them in air-tight containers with a paper on top of the leaves. See them fresh even after a week.

 Now your weekly stock of Green Leafy vegetabes is ready, get the most nutrition out of it.