Organic Vegetables

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Buy Organic Vegetables online in Bangalore and Hyderabad

 iRelyin brings to you a range of certified Organic Vegetables from different producers in Bangalore and Hyderabad. We pick from the organic vegetable growers and deliver them fresh at your door step. 

What are Organic vegetables?

Organic vegetable are grown with zero synthetic pesticides, weedicides and growth enhancers.

Grown from local varieties of seeds. No GMO seeds are used. 

Are you ready to buy organic Food?

Yes, you read it right. As consumers of organic vegetables we need to know a few facts. Organic vegetables look a little less attractive though they are superior in their nutrition. They are small in size and thin. A little more curved or crooked. Not so shiny. Try comparing Organically grown Capsicum or ridge gourd with the ones that are grown non-organically. The skins of these vegetables are not as thick either.

The green leaves are not very green and are not big. They are small but smell great.

Occasionally you might also find a worm too in brinjal and bhindi. Graduate yourself from the world of chemically grown vegetables to naturally grown vegetables. Order fresh organic vegetables from and take a step toward healthier living.