Root Vegetables

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Buy carrots Online and Radish, Beetroot, Yam, Tapioca, Colocasia too:

Fresh Radish, Beetroot, Yam, Tapioca and Colocasia are the commonly used roots. These are colourful and nutrious. Including at least one type of root vegetable in your regular diet everyday ensures the optimal energy intake. Potatoes generally considered as rich in carbohydrates are also filled with minerals and vitamins. 

To get the most out of Potatoes, carrots, beets and radish, keep the skin intact when you cook them. A good portion of nutrition is stored in the skin. Well cooked carrots are nutritionally superior compared to the raw ones. 

We deliver the most fresh carrots and beets, you take care of storing them well so that they retain the freshness until you use them.

Tips to store potatoes and carrots: Never store root vegetables next to onions.